At my day job (which I adore, but don’t let them know) I have come into more use as a marketing developer, meaning I know enough code to navigate sometimes less than stellar CMS’s used by our clients, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I am able to help other marketeers I work with navigate systems, and help them learn skills to get better at their job. In this journey, I have also found myself doing more WordPress work, as the company comes to terms that WordPress development might be a good idea for some projects. And in the spirit of practicing my craft, I undertook my own site to redesign and upgrade. I think this will be a continuing effort, and I hjope to make more regular updates to my blog and site moving forward.

I think it will be helpful to me to think of PRA Design as not just a business, but a model on which to sell my expertise, and maybe get a little glimpse of the personal nerdy stuff I get into (of which there may be a lot, with a new campaign I am writing, my writing projects and my streaming adventures).

So, here’s to moving forward. I can’t wait to see where this leads.